Twillo WhatsApp Alternative & Compare Twillo WhatsApp Messaging Services

No Doubt Twillo is one of the largest player in telecommunication and has strong alliances with SMS, Voice & Email providers across the globe.

Twillo Advantages

One of the major advantages twillo is having is the flexibility to get started with no monthly rent or setup charges i.e after getting approval from WhatsApp you can get started with pay per message. You will be billed only for messages you send and receive and no monthly bills or fixed fees.

Disadvantage of Twillo Pay as You go billing

Everything is good with Twillo as long as your messaging volume is less, the moment your customer base increases or the business demands to send more messages then you will be surprised with steep hiked bills, let's take an example 👇

On average, a user chat session may consist of 100 to 200 interactions, let’s take 150 interactions as average ;

Let’s assume you have 500 customers who interact with your business in a month then 500 x 150 = 75000 interactions i.e 75000 x $0.005 = $375 would be your average cost with Twillo, the interaction count and the number of users may not always predictable, so expect a surprise bill when you will be sending more messages.

Twillo Pricing Reference

How Picky Assist Monthly Plan Works

Picky assist monthly plan starts from $199 and all plans come with free session messages i.e you need to pay additional fees only if your monthly free quota is exhausted and that too 86% cheaper than Twillo per interaction charges, let’s compare different plans of picky assist Whatsapp official for better understanding;

The monthly rent for medium plan is $199 and if you go yearly then it costs you only $1999

Free Session Messages Included: 150000 (150K) monthly
After Free Quota : $0.0007 (86% cheaper than Twillo $0.005)

The monthly rent for large plan is $299 and if you go yearly then it costs you only $2999

Free Session Messages Included: 300000 (300K) monthly
After Free Quota : $0.0006 (88% cheaper than Twillo $0.005)Large Plan $299

The monthly rent for the unlimited plan is $299 and if you go yearly then it costs you only $3999 and no interaction based billing, i.e Unlimited interactions for a fixed fee.

You can simply enter your estimated monthly messaging volume and get the estimate monthly bill for various plans as shown below 👇


Twillo is a good option for those who would like to experiment with WhatsApp API or having less messaging volumes, if your plan is to get started with Twillo and later shift to another WhatsApp provider then please keep in mind that as of now WhatsApp doesn't allow porting number from one solution provider to another, so you have to change the number or continue paying higher charges.


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